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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-08 / 06:19:16

2012-05-08 / 06:19:16
Title: Actually it doesn't matter but still a correction!

Good morning.
Speaking of the lyrics, the words are not really coming down to me all at once....
Without knowing why, everyone got hooked to Kudou's going to bed time.
While writing this, I got a bad feeling about it so I looked it up 

and the result was
"Going to bed at 9pm is my daily routine" 

Was just a 30 minutes difference, but winning the closest-to-the-pin award is also okay I think.
But, I really want DeNA to give their best.
Can't the pitcher Sasaki throw one more time?
Thinking about that, many years ago when I lived in Karasuyama,
I often talked to Nakahata Kiyoshi while I was playing Pachinko...

Back then he was the coach of the GIANTS, 
that's why I wasn't really into him....
But now, I can't get enough of him. [1]

Eh wait, what's up with this entry?
It feels like this time I get hooked to Nakahata Kiyoshi....
But if I just write about him in one line, I can't get hooked to him right~~~~~~!!
I have blocked your way!!

Original entry

Hideki used a lot of times the word "食い付く" which literally means "take a bait" like a fish takes the bait...But well...idiomatically its "get hooked to something" thats I prefered translating it to the idiomatically one because it sounds less stupid.

But for [1] It makes more sense to know that
食い付く has rather something to do with "eating" in a way because in [1] He used another weird word called "pakupaku" which means eating something quickly with full cheeks..like enjoying eating? XD

Anyway for your information...if you have no idea about what he's talking about at all. It's just baseball.
And he is kinda a fan of DeNa. (Yokohama DeNa Baystars) and Nakahata Kiyoshi previously was the coach of the GIANTS (which Hideki doesn't like..) but he's the coach of DeNa.
And "pitcher Sasaki" is a retired pitcher who also played for DeNa :) 

I know I know...I am not pretty interested in baseball either..but to get something what he talks about I need to educate myself *coughs* 


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