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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-09 / 08:55:14

2012-05-09 / 08:55:14
Title: Eh! Don't you know Tony Bolt? Shivering...

Eh! Don't you know Tony Bolt?
Although I just combined Tony Little and Usain Bolt?
Does anyone remember that we did a parody of Tony Little's TV shopping,
at a SIAM SHADE MC many many years ago?
Back then we couldn't continue with the next song until we got some laughs.
I wonder if it was in Hakata's DRUM Be-1? I remember that in the end we did the MC for around an hour....
Well then, also try to give your best today!
Speaking of that, in yesterday's GIANTS VS DeNA match, the pitchers
of the Giants were so pathetic!!
That doesn't mean that they are great pitchers!!
Well then, I am going to bed now because I am Dracula.

Seems like the tickets for the Kinema Club are already almost sold out due to the pre-sale.
Actually I was pretty worried because it's my first solo live after 2 1/2 years
but now my heart feels pretty warm.
I will definitely make you feel that this is an awesome concert.
I am always grateful to all of you.

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