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[Hideki's ameblo} 2012-05-12 / 22:57:27

2012-05-12 / 22:57:27
Title: Morning!!

After waking up, I was checking the ticket site and was like Woaaaaah that's not the number of tickets isn't it!!
Only 15 tickets left till SOLD OUT!!!
This? NO WAY!! Is it the play where I have to wait for a command?? Or is a play where I am ignored?
Unfortunately I am not M at all!!
Uuh!! I can definitely contain this attack!!!
I guess I will buy the remaining tickets by myself (laughs)
For my dad, my's useless there are only 3 people in the Imamura Family!!
We have many cats but they will be scared by the loud sound
and also they will hate me, so that's a no go!!
Alright!! I have made a decision!!
I am going to raise myself up to my full height and then I am going to do a count down ❤
I am really serious here!
Because among the extremely sadistics I am the super extremely sadistic Raoh, yoroshiku!
Eh? What the hell I am saying?
No way! Am I seduced by the play??
Alright, tonight I will do it as well!!
Good night everyone!!
I am going to appear in the dreams of the people who don't have a ticket yet as the yellow ranger and will persuade you to buy them!!
Take care!!

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Hideki is such a sadist? Eh...well he's only happy I guess XD


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