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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-09 / 22:02:02

2012-05-09 / 22:02:02
Title: Tetere~ ♫

Good morning.
How late is it right now?
Is it 10 o'clock?
Because they are doing "fishing enthusiast" on TV, I wanted to watch that
but then I slept and after waking up, it felt like my brainpower has increased
so I wanted to make use of that to memorize my lyrics!!
Today I will also be a hardworking tiger, giving my best on passionate principles.
Oooh! Isn't it already time for all the good children to go to bed soon?
Or will you stay together with me,
so that we can sing together at the concert?
My biggest rival is not myself, but it's OLIVIA and Break new ground (cries)
And for SIAM, it's NEVER END (cries)
Today as well It should rather drive into my body than into my head.
The head chief of the Super positive department
Imamura Hideki will also give his best tonight!!
Well, I am alone etc....
Yes, yes.

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