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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-10 / 12:13:14

2012-05-10 / 12:13:14
Title: I am bad at memorizing stuff...

I have enough of this~~!!! How often I have already said that?
My memory is really on such a horrible level that it is frightening to me.
Well it's probably rather because my songs are quck and full with words,
so that I have no time to think about "what comes next?"
So I have no other option than engraving the lyrics into my body.
Well, I am slow like a turtle but even so I make progress.
This time it will be a concert while I am producing an album but
usually, my priority goes to albums because they are something which remain and keep its form [1]
but right now my thoughts about the concert are so strong that I only concentrate on that and nothing else.
Rockstars are only born on stage.
After a long time, I listened to DIGITAL MASTER
and this line "I will be a rockstar forever" pierced into my heart.
So far, I have pushed my way to the north.
And then I finally was able to get to know the warmth of the south.
It took some time but finally my vector changed its direction from inside to outside.
That's also the reason why I have started this blog.
I wand to spend the rest of my life showing you my LOVE&PEACE. 
I want to leave the sign, that warmhearted people lived in this era.  
Thankful to everything.


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[1] Actually the keep it forms part is literal...what it means is....object stay the way they are...but memories eg concerts etc don't keep their form...could have also just translated it as "because albums are not fleeting" or something but that wouldnt be that close to the original..and in fact I think blog entries should at least be a little bit close to the original..its not like that I just wanna do a summary of the content. XD


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