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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-11 / 23:00:55

2012-05-11 / 23:00:55
Title: Morning.

Aah- I slept a lot!
Slept at ease and in fact I won't change my rhythm between day and night because I am Dracula !!
I am reading everyone's messages carefully.
There is no need for all of you to be worried.
In fact I am thinking about everything super positive.
I didn't care for such things like being popular back then in SIAM SHADE,
but instead I really admired men who are doing music manly and single-minded
like WUCHY and Youth-K.
Exactly that's why I have started the fanclub undergrounder,
and did music together with K-A-Z-kun in the underground.
I tried it out and what I thought is, it was really enjoyable,
I realized that, what I am doing there is pretty awesome,
so I definitely want to do it again someday.
Because of DETROX, my longing changed to become reality.
Putting it simply, I have got to know about light and shadow.
And so I have finally come to settle my situation as a musician.
(I am a little bit anxious about it, please never think I am like Yamashita Kiyoshi)
So, after I have come to know both sides, it feels like I have  reached the real startline
after asking myself in which direction I should run.
Also, It's the best time for it, now in the present.
Do you understand me?
Yes! That was the lesson for today.


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