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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-10 / 23:15:49

2012-05-10 / 23:15:49
Title: Just came back! / Here I am!

Today I went to an appointment with Sony and afterwards
I talked about a lot of stuff while having dinner with Kenya-san
Honestly saying, it's justified that I was dropped by the music industry.
I am definitely going to live up to Kenya-san's hopes because he encouraged me although I am like a tumour.  [1]
If it is that what they call "result" in the business world, I will definitely achieve that result.
The music everyone is wanting right now, the music which has a meaning to you.
I have the self-confidence that I can create that part of music, which is missing in nowaday's music.
I am going to throw all I have without wasting one drop, into my next work.
For those who are supporting me as well,
I want to make known that you all have a great sense of music.
Also I want to say something to old men.
But what I want to say the most right now!!
That's it, I am already at my limit, good night.

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[1] That's tough. Actually there is something you call 腫れ物 (a tumour) with the mono kanji which you use for objects. In fact the way Hideki wrote it 腫れ者 doesn't exist officially like that. He wrote it with the mono kanji for "person" 
There is this idiom ”腫れ物に触る" (haremono ni sawaru) which means "touching a tumour"
People in Japan use it to express human relationships. It's like ...hmm it's like carefully making contact with someone in order that the mood is not getting bad or something alike.
So I think in this case...because hideki calls himself a "human tumour" he probably considers himself a person who is hard to deal with..or at least he thinks that people don't really know how to deal with him to get in touch with him.
Well honestly speaking he's sometimes really hard to get along with...I think lol but you know. Personally I decided I will always write comments true to myself. I will never write something in his blog which doesn't reflect my real opinion and feelings. I know from the past that he felt uncomfortable once when I really did that and also felt uncomfortable that he had to tell me something directly fact I liked that. I can't stand people who don't express their feelings and opinions straight.
Okay that's my 50 cents. xD


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