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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-07 / 23:31:20

2012-05-07 / 23:31:20
Title: Eeh! All Lies! Did I misread the clock?

Really? I am sorry ne, I easily misread clocks.
Who the hell goes to bed at half past 9!
Those are probably people like the pitcher Kudou who's already active for several decades.
Different topic but yesterday after I went to an appointmennt in Shimokitazawa,
I was able to go to see a concert of Schroeder-Headz.
The piano was extremley delicate, it was played so skilled that
it made me think, ”On Valentine's day it's unavoidable to get a nosebleed....."
I had a few doubts if it was okay to get a nosebleed now because I hate nosebleeds, but in the end  I agreed to it!!
Furthermore, the guitar part for the 2nd song of my album is also finished,
and I have the premonition that the final product will become wonderful!
This time I asked many people for their suggestions and opinions, but even so
I enjoy producing it right now.
OK, that's all for now because there will also be the concert.


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With Kudou he mean's the baseball pitcher Kudou Kimiyasu.
And speaking about hideki who thinks he's bad at reading the clock annd time in general...well back then when we wanted to meet up he also thought it was 4.30...although I actually said bad xD
and I have no idea what he wants to say with his nosebleed metaphor LOL
probably that he was so in love in with the piano and the band that he got a nosebleed for a real..or just an imaginary one? Idk He doesn't talk about that XD


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