Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

今日は..... / Today I....

feel like this lol

In fact I should learn for my biiiig important exam on monday..but I seriously don't feel like doing it at all. I am tired of the content....seriously anatomy is not my favourite subject to learn but the exam is mainly about it..although there is also some psychology content and blah...but well...screw it! XD

Today actually nothing special happened. My uncle and his girlfriend came to visit us again and also my sister with her hubby and my 2 nieces.

But I remember that some time ago I took a very cute pic of my niece and our guinea pig. ❤

She's so cute!!! (>3<) But actually she's a little devil...for real. XDD

So what to do next..I don't know..I also need to continue my writing "Care plan" (?) XD But also for that I have no motivation...oh well....
And what the hell happened to Hideki!? No entry since yesterday? Has he turned into a hardworking man again? Who knows...
次は何すればいいのか分からない。 「ケアプラン」も書き続ける必要だ。基本的にやる気はない!まぁね...そうして、栄喜にいったい何があった?昨日から、更新なし!また忙しい男に変わったのかな?うん誰も知らないもんだね....

Oh btw..the photo from the beginning..I actually just wanted to try out some effects for the original picture but somehow while I did that, I scared myself as well when I got out this effect! LOL
The original one rather looks like this... XD
 おーちなみに、1枚目の写真はね、正直に言うと、少しだけ加工したくて、 いろんなエフェクトをしてみてから、そのエフェクトが出た瞬間に、自分が何かコワくなった!(笑)本物はちょっと違う...

     These eye circles are real!! Crap! XD
That's all for now.



Counti von Streit hat gesagt…

Doci mein Zwilling, y u look so creepy? XD

Doci (・ω・)ノ hat gesagt…

Danke mein Darling! Ich lieb dich uch!

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