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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-06-12 / 21:30:58

2012-06-12 / 21:30:58
Title: Soccer was great!

No~ I got unexpectedly excited !!!
Personally, when it is about soccer  I am a UCHIDA-Suppoter
and because of that I felt really sad seeing this facial expression of him after he was fouled which gave him a PK.
The reason why I like him is, although he was kicked with an elbow and fell on the ground he didn't show at all in his face that he was in pain but instead he stood up again as if nothing had happened.
That will to win and that length of his feet which are rare for soccer players, and his manly spots
and the fact that he's wearing jerseys in his freetime, is good isnt it.
I can also understand why he's popular with girls!
Speaking of that, speaking about that BASS person yesterday, who I was talking about?
Without doubt? Was that Uchida?
Was it the same Ucchi who was called Ucchi (Wuchy) by everyone....
But for bassists, BASS Ucchi's (Wuchy) short fingers are also rare,
or rather I should say he has small hands.
Well, but no matter what kind of Wuchy I am talking about, he's a man with power.
The sumo-ring will change now but you know, I am also glad that I am not in the same generation and in a different genre as Saijou Hideki-san and Matsui Hideki-san.
As for musicians it's Kaji Hideki, eeh! Bam!
Right now when I typed in "Kaji Hideki" (カジヒデキ) and changed it, it converted to "Kaji Hideki" (カジヒデキ) right away.
Well, I lost....
Although my "Hideki" (栄喜) is so natural.....
Hey! Who is that? Who is that person who does this pc coversion programm!!
That order is wrong!!
Idiot!! I definitely can't accept this as valid!! (nattoku ikan na)
That makes me sad! (ikan desu)
It's not an old man-gag...it's just because
I am writing lyrics now, that's the reason why it rhymes....
Kaji Hideki , that name definitely is catchy....
It's unbelievable but could I also call myself "Mojihideki"? (laughs)
No, that sounds too ugly.
No, I am wrong. it's not the right time to be worried about such a thing right now. 


original entry 

Hideki thinks it's absoluttely funny to start calling the soccer player UCHIDA Ucchi as well.
I mean indeed when I Mean WUCHY I write WUCHY..but Hideki always writes Wuchy as Ucchi in Katakana...so now I had a hard tim to differentiate them XD


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