Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-06-14 / 20:39:55

2012-06-14 / 20:39:55
Title: Hello

Today was pretty chaotic because I did several stuff.
And now I am writing lyrics at ease after the work outside has finished.
By the way, just earlier I felt like eating something sweet,
so I went to Mister Donut. And then at the time when I got a bear-face-Doughnut on my
meal tray there were 2 girls standing close to me and they started to laugh at me with a "PUPU~"
Is it so wrong that I am eating a BEAR~~~~!



Don't make me say it again!!

I am kyawaii

original entry
Yeah Hideki you are kyawaii.
It might be a kind of modern stylish word to express that something is so cute that you have to kya~ XD


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