Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Hideki writes too many blog entries and I obviously

write too less of them by myself in my own blog.
It's because I am so busy translating his entries in my blog that I don't have any time to write my own entries.  :(
On the other hand I don't have much to write about because I usually write about everything important what's on my mind on twitter..although I know it will be vanished soon when it's there.

But aaaaah today is already Sunday, huh? niece is still sitting in my room although it's already 2.35am!!! Fuck go to bed!
And fuck I have school on monday..means getting up not want.

Oh I fund a cute Hideki pic in Kobayashi Azusa's blog...from 7th June!
Cutey!!! although he's an old man you can't really see it I think..however with dark hair he looks kind of...well obviously superficial but I think he looks a lot better like THIS. (the facial expression looks kinda strange though..XD And it feels like he lost a lot of weight again..but that might only be that weird expression and angle..who knows)

Actually in the past I would have posted the photo right away...but I have become careful....just because I think...well ...I don't know..I don't want to do stuff anymore which he could consider wrong...I don't want to make him mad anymore..So I won't "steal" it and post it into my blog.

Um um..I am tired. Nothing new yeah..
you know today or rather yesterday..I woke up at 2pm and was fucking could that happen? I have no just happened...o_o

At any rate I think I need to write more entries about myself although only a few people read them...
Yeah somehow...I noticed I have those weird evening/night depressions...when I wake up it's not like I feel depressed at all but in the evening or rather late night..I start to get frustrated about certain stuff.
It's like a feel like all in love with something all day long..till the evening..then you suddenly change yourself and start to hate's like having a uncontrollable grudge on someone....

But there are several things in daily life which first coffee in the morning is the most delicious last one in the evening or night is rather..hmm boring and simply not so delicious. Weird things in life...

Oh I watched soccer this evening with my nieces. Luckily Germany won against Portugal..although in the end it was a quite cruel game which made you think it's only a question of time till Portugal will finally make a goal. They seemed motivated to make it in the end...while Germany had a hard time trying to defend their goal. Well I can only hope Germany will play better on Wednesday against the Netherlands.

Nothing more to say now. Well in fact I only talked about random good for nothing stuff, I guess? XD


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