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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-06-15 / 01:38:28

2012-06-15 / 01:38:28
Title: It's different! There's a misunderstanding!!

That bear has only sometimes a bear face.
Because it was seriously delicious I think I was tricked and went to try to eat it only once!!
I like it no matter if it is a bear or a Hannya but
it doesn't mean that I LOVE❤ bears.
Taste comes before the bear. [1]
You get it? Don't misinterpret this strangely .
Furthermore, real bears are extremely scary.
I don't think that you can add a "-chan" like that to them and call them Bear-chan.
At any rate, tomorrow you all should go to mister donut and eat bears!!
Then you will understand that my choice wasn't wrong.


original entry

[1] People think that Hideki meant something like "Personality comes before look" between the lines.
since the inside of the dougnut is tasty and the outside is just the BEAR-Face.
So as long as it is tasty it doesn't matter if it's a bear or a


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