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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-06-16 / 21:28:34

2012-06-16 21:28:34
Title: Finally I wrote a new song.

No..I will put the Bear talk a little bit to the side.
Today it's about japanese lyrics.
Although I put all my energy in it, write and write and write
I can't be satisfied with it. And then I already start to think about myself...thinking "Am I alright?"
But now, I finally finished one composition again.
Honestly, I will put it aside nowand then I will keep rereading and correcting it
until I will reach my limit...
Writing songs, means to face myself,
which is also quite painful sometimes.
My own mental state, wishes, sadness, fear, joy - I can leave behind everything of that in a song.
And when I listen to it even though some time has past,
it feels like I can "feedback" Myself, the way I was at that time.
Music is a miracle....
I almost forgot everything what I have learned at school
but I still remember the songs I learned back then, without even forgetting one line.
Well it's like....lyrics are monochrome but joined together with music,
they turn into 3D full colour...
That's why, it feel's like watching a movie when you listen to a song.
Sometimes, It feels like the guitar says that it is sad, more sad than words do...
so at times like these, I can't write something sad.
DAITA's and K-A-Zkun's Guitars talk often (laughs)
It's almost like they become Sada Masashi-san's "kita no kuni kara"
I will try to sing now because it feels like I will be able to sing stoutly right now.

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