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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-06-15 / 17:48:54

2012-06-15 / 17:48:54
Title: how is it?

That bear was delicious because it's not stale, right?
Normal dougnuts are hard to eat because they are stale.
Also, normally I don't eat sweet stuff because I hate getting fat.
But, when I write lyrics, I eat them in order to activate my brain.
Aah~ that's painful.... I just come up with plain things and so I wanted to hear something good from everyone,
but all you do is saying BEAR-CHAN BEAR-CHAN to Ima-chan.
Just at such a time,  I get 70 comments....?
But there was only one person who understood me.
Putting that aside, Someday they will have HANNYAs?
I wonder if they had them here, those HANNYAs.

Calling that KUMA Kuma-chan is alright I think, I will bear with that, I will give the permission.
But there was one person who said KUMA-TAN!!
You know, saying such stuff as "I ate Kuma-tan" ~~~~~~~
that makes me remember a story it is connected with.
That's why for me this a matter of life and death.
Even if Hideki eats KUMA, I won't eat KUMA-tan.
From now on, I will forbid you to write "~tan" in your messages.
But saying "Gyuutan" (Beef tongue) is OK!!
Ah~ scary.

Probably sentences like "Is that so?" will increase in the messages, 
and then if I also started recommending Beef tongue to you, then people would start to think that I am scary in a totally different way.

Although I attempted to sing the song I finished to write,
I started to panic because of Kuma-tan
Well then, everyone, that's all for now...
Now,  I, HIDEKI, 

will sing chu ❤

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