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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-04-27 / 15:13:55

2012-04-27 / 15:13:55

During DETROX' indefinite hiatus
I will do solo activities.
Also it's been decided that I will have my solo live
in the big livehouse "Kinema club".
Because JOE-san, K-A-Z-kun, Charlie-san und Wuchy
will assist me, I will burn passionately.
Just right now I had a conversation on the phone with Joe-san
and while I was talking to him I performed Seiza.
Since it's pretty been a while since
I performed together with K-A-Z-kun and Wuchy, apart from DETROX,
it feels like we will be able to PLAY with a fresh feeling.
Ah~ I am pretty nervous about this solo live.
In case I am in time, I will also sing the new songs I am producing right now
and I also want to do a featuring.
and afterwards LION? Hm? I wonder if that will bring up a good athmosphere?
This time everyone can pre-order tickets from 4/28 (Saturday) 12:00 till 5/6 (Sunday) 23:49 on  because right now I don't have a fanclub etc...
I would be glad if you came to the concert because everyone can get tickets on the site.
The reason why I write this entry so stiff is...I am writing this entry
right after I talked to Joe-san.
Wuchy will/would say everything is Joe-san's fault (laughs).
In times like these, it will be useful to have 1 younger person in our team.
With a Roar! I Heavily! motivate myself,
so please gather tightly.
Let's have a happy and noisy party~~~~~~~!!


Original text
I don't know if I said that yesterday but I think with "LION" he just means covering SMAP's lion heart. I seriously think so XD
and somehow half of Hideki's crew is filled with half-gaijin! though right now I have no idea who is who...


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