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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-04-29 / 01:09:14

2012-04-29 / 01:09:14
Title: the songs I want to perform are on the damaged hard disc....

I remembered that there was something
on the broken external hard disc!!
Shiiit!! On that disc is the data of the songs I want to perfom at the live!!
But I will definitely get them out properly!!
Those people who use a MAC know that, I guess!!
With Disk Warrior it takes around a day till half of the hard disk is restored but
The meter is moving one time in 5 minutes with a weird noise
and at that time I am always starring at my display anxiously.
Please look at the pic in the enlarged version!!


That's my desktop background pic!!
Tadaaaa!! Everyone is there!!!
You get that?
So at times when I let my mind wander,
I look at those faces all the time every day!!
Look and look and look the whole time!!!
Also, I have decided on the songs that I will perform!
Unexpectely, someone has written in the comments that he/she wants to hear a certain song,
so I am going to put them into the playlist!!
I also want to sing ITO and BURE quickly! [1]
Since it's called IMAPIMAP, I also thought of wearing a long wig, stick a mustache above my lips,
call myself IMUKATO, sing RAIONKA~~TO♬ and then
I will do katochan's "PE" pose!!
As expected I am going to ROCK firmly.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.


Original text
Honestly speaking I am too lazy to explain anything he was talking about in here. xD
Maybe tomorrow...and again my translations are never 100% accurate. At least I can't give a's just for my own pleasure..LOL

[1] Guess is, he means "Itoshisugite" with "ITO" and "Break new ground" with "BURE"


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