Montag, 30. April 2012

[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-04-30 / 00:08:00

2012-04-30 / 00:08:00
Title: Today Junpei....

Today Junpei the ex-vocal of ACID visited me.
Actually he came to learn something about hardware/software you can produce music with, but in the end  we talked about this and that, totally off-topic and then he went home.
There was someone here who said "I want to hear ACID's GO".
So I tried to invite him but after I said "Junpei do you wanna come and sing at the Kinema club?" he just said with a cheerful smile "Nowadays, GO is too low for me. But if I can do Koe ni...."
I think if it's not me singing that song,things will get worse...
Making a cheerful face and then coming up with such devilish biting remarks fits Junpei I thought.

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Original text
Finished everything so far..yay!
Anway I don't know if it was destiny or if Hideki looked at my request....but he posted a pic of have to know yesterday I wrote in the comment section
"For tomorrow please post a pic of yourself with a "Chuu~"-post." XD Well in the end no chuu pose..but photo is photo!! Even though he looks quite dead...too less sleep..or maybe it's just because he doesn't wear contact lenses...because his glasses is not at the place it should be...but if it's there on his shirt, he at least can't lose it again.
And wuuh...I am not sure yet if it's Hideki's bed..but if so, it looks inviting... *coughs* XDD


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