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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-01 / 23:25:15

2012-05-01 / 23:25:15
Title: For the first time in my life, I was treated by a younger person!!!

While my body is into producing mode, I got a happy invitation,
which uncommonly made me going there happily jumping up and down.
Honestly speaking, Hamaguchi-kun who lent me a hand many year ago
invited me for dinner with the words "Hideki-san, I achieved (good) results!"
So this was the first time in my life I was treated by
a younger person!
His way of speaking, and his bright facial expressions,
pretty much left the impression that he's a real man [1]
I only drank 2 glasses but it was extremely good alcohol!!
I won't give in, neither!!
Give your best Hideki! [2]


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[1] Honestly speaking the expression "Otoko o kanjiru" is quite strange to me but in fact I couldn't find a decent official translation for it. What I think is..it doesn't mean that they don't think you are a man..but it's probably rather like...there are times when you really feel that a man's behaviour is pretty manly. And in that moments you probably say "otoko o kanjiru" Same also works for women...If I am wrong..my bad xD
[2] Actually he says "Ganbare Ore!" But I can't translate the ORE (I/ME) with in english with an imperative...so I ended up changing ORE to Hideki in my translation :D!

I don't know what happened to his hair in this pic but somehow it got all messy at the front..parting on the hair is messed-up LOL! idc..We love you anyway, Hideki darling :)!

What I love the most recently is his good mood! But everytime he uses !!!! that much..he seems in a good mood XD And also I wonder why he's so weird...I mean he lately said he doesn't drink alcohol and now he had 2 glasses. He probably had more LOL!


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