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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-02 / 20:17:45

2012-05-02 / 20:17:45 
Title: The guitar recording has begun.

Good evening.
Today the guitar recording has begun.
This time I asked Charlie-san who always played for me when
I was solo active, to do it for me.
Just some hours ago, I heard one piece.
Of course I already know for a long time that he's skilled
but after hearing something recorded of him for the first time,
I think he's extremely skilled and refined
so it's no wonder that he is the guitarist, SUGIZO has chosen as partner.
I am grateful.
Would be terrible if I wouldn't go to Charlie-san's house
to wash the dishes for him for a while. [1]
My singing voice really feels like a little devil.
But since my (new) songs still exist as unrefined versions only,
I want to fly around skilled like a paper airplane on the wind, [2]
after the instrumentals are finished.
Ah! Right!
Has nothing to do with the above but just earlier I sent my sound data to a totally wrong place.
That was embarassing.
I guess that's an experience we all share? Personally, I do that often unfortunately.
The preparations for the concert are progressing in a totally messed up way.
I wonder if I am going to lose my head?
Ah right! I have remembered something important!!
The place me and Junpei took a picture at! That's not my room!
I like it because it has white and blue stripes!! etc. but since in fact it's not tooth paste
it's impossible that this room is so fresh!! [3]
That room is a guestroom in my mansion,
so when I ask for it one week in advance, they lend me the room for free!
Convenient, isn't it?
Everything is included, a tv, a refrigerator, a washing machine and household gadgets
and It's bigger than in a hotel, and it's beautiful and it's nice!!
BUUUT! ! For me it's definitely a no go!!
It's located on the 23rd floor and the scenery is terrible.
Also on that day (when he was there with junpei?), there were earthquakes and it was like shaking forever,
felt pretty bad.
If I could, I would like to live on the first floor.
Hey, wasn't this said in one of Miyazaki Hayao's Animes!
"People can't live away from the ground." ?
At that point, I unintentionally nodded.
You know that (anime)?
Think about it properly!
My father's name is Imamura Hayao (今村隼雄).


Original text

Buuuh long entry Hideki! With some things to explain...^^;

 [1] Idk if you get that but actually I think that hideki thinks that it is necessarry to help out Charlie-san after Charlie-san decided to help Hideki with the guitar recording for his solo stuff. Briefly said, Hideki thinks he's in Charlie's debt or something..thats why he thinks it he should go to charlie to wash his dishes...LOL
[2] Hideki has quite weird metaphors xD
Wind = finished instrumental version
Air plane = Hideki('s voice?) XDD
idk maybe he thinks its easier to sound beautiful and refined when HIS WIND is finished lol
[3] had a hard time translating this. maybe the meaning is kinda different..the first part broke my neck....LOL

I thought it was quite random that hideki said how his father is called at the end..but that's because he wanted to drew a line with miyazaki. I guess when he wrote down miyazaki's name he was also realizing kinda "oh same as my daddy's name. need to write it down here" XD

I am pretty moved that hideki still is able to keep his "promise" but for how long..writing an entry every day is tough...but right now he's not busy composing the songs anymore..think thats the most time eating part.


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