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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-04 / 20:51:16

2012-05-04 / 20:51:16
Title: Morning! PIKA~N!!

I slept too much!!
How late is it right now?  Isn't it 11pm!!?
Alright!! Today or!! rather TONIGHT I will do it!
Oh! Don't underrate me! It doesn't mean I was just sleeping!!
I have a special skill!! I can write lyrics while I sleep!
Actually I already had those lyrics inside of me!!
And then I can write them down after waking up right away.
One chorus is ready.
In fact I sent the new song to all other members
because I will do it at the concert
and Wuchy already told me that's a good song!
I wonder what kind of bass sound, hardcore musicians can put into it.
Looking forward to that.
You are all going to bed now right?
Good night!!
For me it's morning!!
Ohha Ohha!! PIKA PIKAN!! [1]
Everyone, please be good children and go to bed!! *giggles*
All right!! You badly behaving people!!
The night is starting now~!! With a wide margin!! I am going to liiiive~~~~~Z!!
Eh? Did I unintionally become something like a female idol group?
Good night.

Original text
Just telling you Hideki but it was not even 9pm yet..LOL? xD

Ohha Ohha = short form for Ohayou = morning -> morning morning? XD
PIKA PIKAN = sparkling  or something like BRANDNEW
In Hideki's case I would go for brandnew since he just got up and feels brandnew? idk XD
DONDON = quickly ..or bangbang..or the sound which occurs when you knock at the door. But I think in his case "quickly" is the most suitable "Just go to bed quickly"
But it's nice I feel loved by Hideki PAPA LOL!!!

Well when is the next entry following? I could be wrong but I have the feeling it might be soon....LOL


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