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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-04 / 02:01:39

 2012-05-04 / 02:01:39
Title:  Uuuooh~ you are all so nice!

No~ It's unbelievable that I got so many ideas!!
That's really nice.
Thank you.
I totally got into the "writing  lyrics" mode.
But I just managed 3 lines.
I was wondering if I should wrap my finger with something, until I saw everyone's messages!!
But there was the answer.
That's right!!
I also used a trackball mouse all the time in the past.
But the battery in that tracking ball died and so it stopped moving.
That's why I think I have this idea.
My Senpais are also LUNA SEA, but what I mean is..I  couldn't see the forest for the trees.  [1]
The trackball I was using, was out off battery and then
although It felt weird, I decided to use a normal mouse instead of putting a new battery inside,
and then I totally forgot about it.
That being the case, it obviously was a bad choice.
For some time I tried to raise my pinky
but it started to hurt when I raised it but
"GUASHI!!" I can become Makoto-chan when I raise my pinky while my hand is on my mouse. [2]


Don't you care about such details?
Well, I am grateful.
I am going to buy a battery.


Terrible!! I know what to write about in my blog but have no idea for my lyrics.

original text
[1] Actually I have no idea how he randomly was able to bring up Luna sea. I guess its only a pun again he made up..although I don't think that the idiom sounds that alike to the LUNA SEA Phrase
"senpai moro LUNA SEA (runashi-)
"toudai moto kurashi" (灯台下暗し) = can't see the forest for the trees
[2] Makotochan is some manga/anime with a little boy who always makes the same move with his hand like Hideki in that photo while saying "GUASHI"

Anyway he's writing too much. I am frustrated V_V


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