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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-01 / 07:07:35

2012-05-01 / 07:07:35
Title: A live which builds up a sense of unity with the help of ROCK 

Good morning.
I was able to drag out a few songs from the external hard disc
but it was impossible to save everything.
All right! This time my concept for the live is to make everyone feel good,
and because of that I won't choose ballads this time but only bright songs.
Due to this, I won't have long hair and a mustache.
If I did something like this, JOE-san wouldn't beat the drums any longer
but he would beat me instead.
"STOP IT!" Wuchy would yell "Don't hit the keyboard!"
Despite this, I want to do a concert which builds up a sense of unity with the help of ROCK,
which is probably even able to blow away this era!! [1]
Alright! Please try to give your best today, too, everyone!!


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[1] pretty literal translation. I think he just means that his rock will be  too ingenious and awesome XD
Oh Hideki, how I love your day dreams. XD


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