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[Hideki's ameblo} 2012-05-03 / 14:58:32

2012-05-03 / 14:58:32
Title: Writing lyrics

The guitar part for one song is finished, so
I am going to write the lyrics for it so that I will be able to perform this song at the concert.
Just earlier when I watched tv totally absentminded....
I saw the BUTT BITING BUG singing  "♬ The butt mountain is the everest"  on TV!!
And then at the hook, a revolutional yodeling appears?
What I mean is, at that part I really laughed my ass off because it's so ridiculous.
On my mind, I really thought about the lyrics of my own song but....
I was totally carried away from that thought.
The Phrase "the butt mountain is the everest" is
so weird I can't get it out off my head.
On top of that the butt biting bug happily climbs up that mountain.
Ah~  I totally got a bright smile against my will.
The person who produced that song, probably really enjoyed producing it while laughing loudly....
But I pity the person a little bit who had to do the MIX of the song....
He had to do the mix while he was laughing loudly I guess....
Ah~ I can't get it out off my mind!!
If you like, please search for it and listen to it.
To tell you the truth, I really like this maybe....
I wonder who sings it?
Well I don't care, bye!!

Right now I was thinking "Who is it!" and realized it's AMUSE
after looking it up (laughs)
And then, after looking it up, I had to listen to it once again.
It's cool I am sorry, everyone.
I really like this song a lot!!
What is this? I want to embrace the BUTT BITING BUG.
Allright, since I got to understand everything,

Original text
Searched the song for you on YOUTUBE LOL! Hideki is really...a weirdo listening to such stuff..but it really made me laugh hard as well...lyrics such as "where are you my delicious ass" LOL


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